Selective Racking System (Pallet Rack-Shelving Rack)

Features :

  • Special reach truck used in conjunction with counterbalance truck / smaller reach
  • Safe product protection to height of 11m
  • Average stock rotation
  • Selective Rate : 50%
  • Picking Rate : rather fast / average
  • Floor space utilization : 40% or 30% more than selective
  • Recommended using the pallet rails over than 4 m
  • Lower beam required for some type of equipmentv

Arising from Selective racking systems, not only does Double Deep Pallet Rack Increase storage efficiency by improving pallet density, but it accomplishes this while maintaining a high number of pick faces in your warehouse.This system, where requires the use of a special Reach Truck,combines the advantages and disadvantages of Selective Racking Systems and Drive-In Racking Systems.