Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS or AS/RS)



Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS or AS/RS)

Is a semi-automated deep lane storage system ideal for a number of applications for warehouses with high volume SKU’s. A pallet runner maximizes productivity by minimizing travel distances.

The systems can be set up for first-in, first-out (FIFO) or last-in, first-out (LIFO) applications in both regular and climate controlled environments. The shuttle carts can be outfitted to suit a wide variety of pallet designs. By integrating the shuttle system into your warehouse, it cuts handling times in half by freeing up the operator to perform other tasks. This shutter racking system provides higher density than typical drive-in or pallet flow applications.


  • Automated of product / pallet entry and exit operation
  • Control manage by warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Safe labour of operation cost in long run
  • Elimination of any possible errors arising from manual operation
  • Safety/ zero accident by using ASRS

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